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YN-1 catalyst



Summary:It is a high-quality supplier for the three major petrochemical groups of Sinopec, CNPC and CNOOC, especially the large pore volume and high specific surface area produced by our company



It has reliable hydrogenation conversion and olefin saturation, and good low-temperature activity. With alumina-titanium oxide as the carrier, it is loaded with active components of cobalt, molybdenum and nickel. It is used for the hydrogenation conversion and hydrogenation saturation of impurities such as organic sulfur and olefins in natural gas, oil field gas and light oil.

Main application: catalyst for one stage hydrorefining of pyrolysis gasoline

Catalyst service life:

Regeneration cycle >1 year (8000 hours)

Service life> 2 years (16000 hours)



Analysis Project Nature or index
Exterior Grey-green clover shape
size         mm Equivalent diameter:φ2.5~2.8;length 5~15
Heap proportion       g/ml 0.73~0.78
Crush strength    N/cm >160
BET Specific surface  m2/g 80~110
Catalyst composition   wt% Ni 16~17
Carrier  TiO2-Al2O3


YN-1 catalyst


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