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USA-Super stable alumina powder


Catalyst carrier

Summary:It is a high-quality supplier for the three major petrochemical groups of Sinopec, CNPC and CNOOC, especially the large pore volume and high specific surface area produced by our company



USA dry rubber powder, called super stable active aluminum hydroxide, structural formula is AlO(OH), molecular formula is Al2O3·H2O. The appearance is white crystalline powder, uniform particle size, high purity, stable chemical properties, good crystal phase stability, insoluble in acid and alkali, and good sintering activity.

Uses: It can be used as a raw material for the preparation of catalyst carrier-high purity activated alumina; the product γ-Al2O3 calcined at 400-900℃ is widely used as catalyst carrier, catalyst and adsorbent in petrochemical, fine chemical and other industries; It can be calcined at 1100~1200℃ to obtain nano-level α-Al2O3, which is widely used as paint additives, high-grade ceramics, high-efficiency catalysts for petrochemicals, sub-micron/nano-level abrasives and polishing materials, cosmetic fillers and inorganic membrane materials, etc. A new type of material with broad prospects for development. This product can be used to replace foreign SB powder, which not only solves the shortage of SB powder imports, but also reduces the cost of catalysts.

Packing: 40Kg/bag, packed in a woven bag with plastic inside.


Physical and chemical indicators:


project name

Quality Index

Pore volume,ml/g


Specific surface,m2/g


Na2O ,m%

<100 ppm

Al2O3 ,m%


Peptization index,m%


Particle size (180 mesh throughput),m%



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